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Matthew & Jill Barber on Canada AM

Bright and early this morning we drove out to Scarborough to play the Canada AM soundstage with Jill & Matthew Barber for The Family Album tour. Tomorrow we play Toronto at The Great Hall. For some reason I can’t seem to get the video to embed into this post. But you can watch by clicking the link below.

Matthew & Jill Barber on Canada AM

This week at the Hepbourne Lab

It’s been busy here at the Lab the past while with lots of folks coming and going. My space was initially intended as my solo work space for writing, mixing, recording myself etc. But lately it’s been getting much more use and I’m starting to feel like I’m outgrowing its size.

Over this past week I’ve finalized mixes for the Sarah Cripps album that we’ve been working on together since the beginning of the year. It’s off to be mastered by Noah Mintz at Lacquer Channel. Very excited for people to hear this project. On top of that we’ve continued (and near-finished) the tracking for Amélie et Les Singes Bleus – my 2nd time producing this band and 3rd time with Amélie. I’ve also been working on a couple beautiful tracks by singer-songwriter Emma Cook, who in happenstance is the mom of a kid in my daughter’s JK class and lives around the corner. I asked if she finds producers through Yelp.

Last week’s shows with Ron Leary and the band were amazingly fun. Lots of laughs and some great people out. The show at the Windsor Beer Exchange was among my all-time favourite nights playing with Ron over the past couple decades. He has a great album being finished up right now by Andy Magoffin.

ron beer exchange

Ron Leary at The Windsor Beer Exchange with Adrian Lawryshyn (upright bass), Marion MacLeod (accordion), Mike Brushey (drums), Kenneth MacLeod (fiddle) and myself. Photo by Tara Watts who sang beautifully with us most of the night.

Celebrating 10 Years of Ron Leary’s theroadinbetween


I’m excited this week to celebrate Ron Leary’s debut CD theroadinbetween with a few shows in southern Ontario with Ron and the band (Adrian Lawryshyn, Michael Brushey).

Thursday, May 12 – Toronto @ Cameron House w/ Jay Clark
Friday, May 13 – Sarnia @ Paddy Flaherty’s
Saturday, May 14 – Windsor @ The Windsor Beer Exchange w/ Kenneth MacLeod

Ron and I met in Windsor twenty years ago at the open-mic night I hosted at the Coach & Horses throughout most of the 90s. I liked his songs immediately and began joining him when he would show up to play. I joined his band The Ran soon after and worked on some home recordings together. In 2005, while I was living in a shared house in the Little Italy neighbourhood of Toronto we recorded Ron’s first album. Ron would come up regularly to visit or play or record and we’d get his vocals and acoustic guitars recorded (with Sony Vegas!) and then it’d be left with me to colour outside the lines. Adam Warner was brought in early on to play drums which were recorded with just two microphones (and not very good ones). The drum session ended abruptly after the first take of our last song to be recorded (You’ve Got It All Wrong) when I discovered my next door neighbour out on her patio wildly gesturing for us to make the racket stop. She’d had enough. And that wouldn’t be the last time she’d have about enough of our noise infiltrating her wall. Not much was discussed prior to be beginning about production and to be honest I hadn’t produced many albums up to that point and had extremely limited gear. Still, I’m really proud of what came out of this process. This album still tends to resonate with people and I’m happy these songs still have a firm presence in the live show after so many years.

Ron Leary Trio – pics from Lasalle Craft Beer Festival

Ron Leary brought the trio down for a show in my hometown of Lasalle, Ontario a few weeks ago. It was a chilly night for the fingers but we had an enjoyable night of playing and drinking a few tasty miniature craft beers. Thanks to Justin David Photography for capturing some great shots from the performance!

jdphotography 111  Ron Leary Trio – pics from Lasalle Craft Beer Festival jdphotography-105 jdphotography-97 jdphotography-93

IMG_5022 . body-worn camera