Musician / Producer / Composer


I finished an album (maybe more accurately, a collection of songs) a couple months ago and am excited to get it out to other people's ears. It is called "Flood" and feels like a bit of a departure from my recent releases but really it is a cumulation of many of the styles I have worked in over the years. There's melodic pop, moody post-rock, avant-garde and ambient and some fuzzed-out guitar rock and some great musical features from people I admire and respect - Joshua Van Tassel on drums, Devon Henderson on bass, Drew Jurecka on violin, Mike Olsen on Cello and Andy Magoffin (Two-Minute Miracles) on brass. The album started with nearly 30 songs being recorded. Along the way most were abandoned or incorporated into other pieces. Perhaps one day I'll get around to finishing those, but what was ultimately most important was that all of the tracks, however disparate they may initially seem, felt like they belonged together in a collection. The final 10 songs represent what has been of most interest musically to me lately.

At this point there is no firm release date though I am in the process of getting everything together for a late March release.

Here's a video I put together last night while trying to figure out how to work iMovie (I'm no video creator but I have to admit the potential of it seems like a lot of fun - and time.)