Musician / Producer / Composer


I've not been very good at keeping this part of the website up-to-date. As I write this in the last minutes of 2017 I am reminded of a fun and productive year I had. Much of my work shifted to producing and session playing over touring but I did manage to cross the country a few times with national tours alongside songwriters Rose Cousins, Amelia Curran and Matthew & Jill Barber. I also had a great time getting to play throughout the northwestern United States with Great Lake Swimmers where northern Michigan was particularly beautiful. And thank you to these fine and talented people for inviting me to share the stage with them this past year: Megan Bonnell, Ron Leary, Sarah Cripps, Michelle Willis.

Jeffery Straker released his album Dirt Road Confessional that I produced and mixed a couple songs on. I enjoyed exploring pop/R&B with Luke Maxim. Most of my creative time was spent producing two ambitious albums for two very different singer/songwriters.  Both of these will see their release in 2018: Emma Cook (Living Proof) and Suzanne DeBussac (Shiver Stories). 

And dear to my heart was releasing my solo album Flood in March, which took me in all kinds of musical directions and having me figure out how to fit them together onto one album. It was a challenge to bring so many seemingly disparate musical elements together but ultimately it feels honest and personal. 

A rich and productive year.