Musician / Producer / Composer


2018 started quietly, at least in terms of live playing. A couple albums I produced last year were recently released: Emma Cook's Living Proof is making some waves as is Sarah Cripps' eponymous release. I've been in the studio, helping out 60s-inspired/western swing artist Lily Frost with some demos for an upcoming release while working away on some of strange music of my own. 

The bulk of my live playing this year will be with Donovan Woods whose new album is going to turn heads that he hasn't already managed to turn. Looking forward to hitting the road with my good friends and playing this music. Donovan is a songwriters songwriter, crafting words that reach into your chest to have a little squeeze. The album is bold and gorgeous. Ironically, my first gig with Donovan was for the CBC for a series called Junos365 which has artists play music from past Juno-nominated artists. Donovan chose Alanis Morrissette's Ironic. Here it is...