Musician / Producer / Composer


Despite lengthy pauses between updates, one thing that is consistent is that I am always working on new music. The vast majority of it lives on my computer and 4-track cassettes piled in my studio and is never heard by anyone. This has lead to me questioning myself on the purpose of music that doesn’t ever get heard. Upon reflection I believe I consider the majority of these pieces of music to be studies or experiments with sound. In fact, much of it barely has a finger hold on being able to be called “music”. I am intrigued by noise, imperfections, chance happenings. These sounds inspire me to think of the possibilities of sound and music as a different form of art. An art form that still has room to grow and that can evoke unexplored emotions within us.


For this reason I have undertaken a project for 2019. Every Tuesday I will upload 2 pieces of music/sound to my project website . Many of these pieces will be finished throughout the year while others have been completed in recent years but never made available. The cassette 4-track recorder has been an indispensable part of my musical life since my teens. This music relies heavily on the 4-track for recording, manipulation and sound degradation as this music is experimental in nature.