Musician / Producer / Composer

Missoula, Montana continued

Twin Peaks was an important show for me in the 90s. I've watched the series multiple times over the past couple decades. The music score by Angelo Badalamenti particularly made its way under my skin with its vague reference to seemingly innocent times but counteracted with dark and tense undertones. Though Lynch had arguably little to do with where the series went it did encourage me to seek out his other film works at the time and again more recently. Badalamenti's music threads throughout - a true master of mood. But songs from the soundtracks are equally important to the feel of Lynch's films. Songs like The Paris Sisters' "I Love How You Love Me" and Linda Scott's "I've Told Every Little Star" are sweet and cute bits of nostalgia while much of Lost Highway's soundtrack are menacing and deranged.

The band - Missoula, Montana - aims to create its own unique cinematic atmosphere through music and sound'. This is not a cover band per se, but a group of musicians re-imagining the themes from the music of Lynch's works such as Twin Peaks (series, Fire Walk With Me, The Return), Blue Velvet, Wild At Heart, Eraserhead, Lost Highway etc.

The core lineup is myself on guitar with Robbie Grunwald on bass and organ and Joshua Van Tassel on drums and electronic manipulations.

And yes, we'd love to play your weird party.

We can be found on Facebook and Instagram at @MissoulaMontanaMusic